Recommended Resources


Combines tons of functionality under a single platform. It’s a CRM, funnel builder, email automation, calendars, membership sites/courses, social media posting, universal inbox for email/phone/text/social platform messages, and much more.

Replace tools like Clickfunnels, active campaign/constant contact, calendly/schedule once, hubspot/pipedrive, kajabi, and more. Save money by rolling all these tools into one low monthly subscription.


Social prospecting tool that allows you to perform organic outreach on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more. Helps you stay organized when doing organic outreach on social media so you know exactly where your prospects are in the conversation and what message they need to be sent next.


Social prospecting automation tool. I use this in combination with FlowChat to automate the time consuming aspects of organic Facebook outreach. YunaPro is limited to Facebook only.


Linkedin prospecting automation tool. I use this mainly to get around the 100 connection weekly limit and be able to maximize the Open Inbox and Group Message features to send a higher volume of outreach on LinkedIn. Expandi is limited to LinkedIn only.


Project management software. I use this tool to create and store all my SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) and manage projects to stay organized and on schedule.


A graphic design and video editing subscription service. You can get a ridiculous amount of design and video editing work for a reasonable monthly subscription. Their work is high quality also.